Friday, February 21, 2014

What To Look For When Buying A Used Snowblower

Ok, this information in this video by small engine guru Don is of utmost importance for any of you thinking about buying a used Blower to save money!  Watch closely and pay special attention to what he says, he really knows his stuff  (like me)! Excessive Body  Rust, Engine Knocks, Back Wheels not turning when machine held and On, wheels to loose (wheel gaskets worn) , carb. only working in 3/4 or  full chock position (which he forgot to address sadly - DON'T BUY!), too small a machine for your needs, not to go over 33" on width, auger belt for tightness and adjustability,  etc...
Also, NEVER buy a blower in late Fall or during the Season - your paying too much!  If you plan on buying a used blower and need advise, please comment and I will be glad to assist you through a reply!

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