Thursday, January 30, 2014

Buying A Blower? Top Rated Machines

Top 10 Two-Stage Snowblowers by Ratings

Ok, here is a list of the Top 10 Snowblowers by "Snow Blowers Direct."  I agree 85% with their list ranking for your average homeowner.  I want to add that depending where you live, some models might be harder to find and retailers will charge differently...  The best time to buy is early May as left over stock will be discounted as much as 500 dollars!  So don't be foolish and buy in mid winter or the run-up!
My personal choice???  Ariens Deluxe ST24LE  (cannot go wrong with the "King of Snow").   Years of dependability with 5 year Gear housing warranty), with Toro second and Cub Cadet 30" coming in third as my favorites.
 I would like to add that Toro is a great and trusted brand name made with quality.  I would not recommend a 3 stage snowblower as I am not convinced it does any better job of snow clearence (also greater cost).  Additionally, while one track machine is on this list, personally I know track machines lack maneuverability and are slower! So please consider that when purchasing. My advice, get  yourself a good Ariens or Toro with duel wheel lock release in  24, 26, 28 or 30 or 33max. inch clearence (depending on your needs).
  One last point.  Stay clear from Professional greater than 33" machines unless you have a large country laneway or charging to clear large driveways and laneways.  Just too big for your average homeowner and the bigger the machine, the less maneuverability!



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