Saturday, February 22, 2014

New Spring Mower Blade Sharpening Coupon

Now for all you new customers, recieve 50% off your Spring Mower Blade Sharpening at Al's Mobile.  Remember, Al comes to you, so relax and call now for your Sharpening Needs.
Disclaimer: All Discounts only recieved with Valid Printed Coupon. Valid only in the Ottawa/Oreans (Ontario) Corridor from April 1 to Dec. 22nd, 2014!

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Friday, February 21, 2014

What To Look For When Buying A Used Snowblower

Ok, this information in this video by small engine guru Don is of utmost importance for any of you thinking about buying a used Blower to save money!  Watch closely and pay special attention to what he says, he really knows his stuff  (like me)! Excessive Body  Rust, Engine Knocks, Back Wheels not turning when machine held and On, wheels to loose (wheel gaskets worn) , carb. only working in 3/4 or  full chock position (which he forgot to address sadly - DON'T BUY!), too small a machine for your needs, not to go over 33" on width, auger belt for tightness and adjustability,  etc...
Also, NEVER buy a blower in late Fall or during the Season - your paying too much!  If you plan on buying a used blower and need advise, please comment and I will be glad to assist you through a reply!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The Importance Of Model Numbers For Replacing Worn/Broken Parts

You have likely had this experience!   Your mower breaks down and you run to your local small engine shop and say,  yes John, I need to replace the front wheel of my MTD mower - do you have a replacement in stock?  Of course they may, but there are 10 different models for your MTD and 10 different replacement wheels!  Moral of the story!  Don't rush off with your problem, take the time to write down your engine or body model number so replacement can be full-proof without error!  And save having to waste another hour going back home and return to the engine shop.  Here's where to look for both your mower and snowblower!  Good Luck!

*Identifying Your Lawnmower by the Engine and Frame Model and Serial Numbers*
Lawnmower Engine Model and Serial NumbersLawnmower Frame Model and Serial Numbers
*The engine has to be identified in order to get the proper engine parts, such as head gaskets, air filters, carb kits etc.
*The frame has to be identified in order to get the proper frame parts, such as blades, handlebars, wheels, cables etc.

*Identifying Your Snowthrower by the Engine and Frame Model and Serial Numbers*
snowblower engine model and serial numberssnowblower frame model and serial numbers
*The engine has to be identified in order to get the proper engine parts, such as head gaskets, mufflers,
carburetor kits etc.
*The frame has to be identified in order to get the proper frame parts, such as shear bolts, belts, bushings, control cables etc.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014


Dear Friends,
  Today I want to discuss the most inconspicuous of all Snowblower Problems.... Yes, untreated gas is Number 1 and bad old motor oil is Number 2.  But how many of you EVER thought that Number 3 was extremely Underinflated Tires!!!!
  You might ask why I am in a knot about this and ready to have a Cow!  Well, because it's such an insidious problem and I care about all of you!  Let's face it, the great majority of you are males, over 50 like me and probably not in the greatest of shape.... that's Ok!  What isn't is the fact that underinflated snowblower tires cause you to push 30% more than normal and that puts an extra huge stain on your heart!  And worse, with today's higher nobby tires, it is most deceiving!  I just returned from a tune-up/repair job and again the owner was a nice retiree who's tires were at  0 psi! (both) and he wasn't even aware of the danger lurking and possibly ready to take him and his blower to the big driveway in the sky!  This is true of almost EVERY tune up/repair conducted!!  If you think I am joking, consider this, in my city of Ottawa, Canada,  one person a year suffers a heart attack from snowblowing!!!  And I could bet you hands down his tires were likely like yours -  Underinflated!!!
  So get your pump out and your gardening knee rest and go pump your tires up.  The proper PSI is listed right on the tire - usually - 12, 15 or 24 PSI.  Add an extra 1 to 1.5 for the cold weather and SAVE your heart the extra work and possibly your last chore on this earth!