Repair Videos

Is your Brass or Bronze Auger Gear stripped?  Here you will find out how to fix that nasty problem.  Rated 9 on a scale of 1 - 10 for difficulty!

Need to replace your throttle Spring?  Tricky operation - tip - buy 3 Springs...most likely you will ruin the first one you try!  Difficulty level - 8.50
In this video - you witness the signs of a leaking exhaust valve! Valve need to be ground down and maybe replaced!  Difficulty level - 10
Ok, here we have an exhaust valve which needs shaving down because the clearance is so much that compression is almost absent. Remember - 12/1000 of an inch!  Difficulty level 9.5
Alright, I know, one of your blower tires has a slow rim leak and its been driving you nuts for years! Vwalah, now you can fix it!  Follow Don as he shows you step by step how to do it like a Pro! Difficulty level 6

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